About VidYouThink!

VidYouThink is a time-saving, web-based mechanism for YouTube researchers to get insights on a particular phrase mentioned in YouTube videos.

This is done via phrase search and sentiment analysis focused on Closed-Captioned YouTube videos using Closed Captions, Viewer Feedback, and Comments - to get a general sentiment based on a given search query.

Users need a Google Account to use the sentiment analysis functionality.

  • Users (YouTube researchers) can register and login on the site.
  • Registered users can login, manage their account – change email and password, and search videos through YouTube.
  • Search through available Closed Captions in YouTube (transcript provided by channel owner) using YouTube Search API.
  • Get a general sentiment of a phrase, and check whether the phrase context is clear in YouTube videos, and the reactions that go with it via Sentiment Analysis API - Google Account authentication is required to do so.
  • Present the results in tabular form.
  • Users can review their search history, clear a few or all their search histories.
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